Trabecular Structures™

Develop and manufacture your own unique Trabecular Structures using the EBM technology. The EBM process opens up a completely new possibility to tailor and optimize your trabecular structure design – your trademark porous ”coating”.

Design for manufacturing is a powerful tool for Product Differentiation.

EBM Trabecular Structures may be optimized for improved primary fit and osseointegration by allowing you to tailor:

• Pore geometry
• Pore size
• Relative density
• Roughness

TPS vs EBM Trabecular


Titanium Plasma Spray (TPS)
• Average Layer Thickness: .016 in
• Average Porosity: 29.3%
• Average Void Length: .0049 in


EBM Trabecular
• Average Layer Thickness: .024 in
• Average Porosity: 71.2%
• Average Void Length: .0116 in