The Arcam Q10 is changing the scene for Implant Manufacturing.

1850318The Arcam Q10 is the new generation EBM machine designed for industrial production of orthopedic implants. It is specifically designed to meet the implant industry’s need for high productivity, high resolution, ease-of-use and quality control.

Arcam Q10 replaces the Arcam A1 system and has several new features, including an all-new EB gun which allows for both higher productivity and improved resolution.

It also includes Arcam LayerQam™, our new camera-based monitoring system for inline part quality verification.

As an option the Arcam Q10 is delivered with a new powder recovery system (PRS) for closed powder handling.

The Arcam Q10 features:

• Higher Productivity
• Improved Resolution
• Arcam LayerQam™
• Software adapted to volume production
• Closed powder handling

Download the brochure here.